Cayman Islands Phone Numbers

Fixed Lines

  • +1 345-244-4551

Mobile Lines

  • +1 307-956-2640
  • +1 214-692-6678
  • +1 219-710-3259
  • +1 205-214-8121
  • +1 210-966-5373
  • +1 413-689-8742
  • +1 217-881-1211
  • +1 304-284-6898
  • +1 231-609-8247
  • +1 270-804-8955

The Cayman Islands area code is +13452 and the calling code forUnited States of America is +1. An area code of a region containsthe country code. This means that phone numbers in Cayman Islands start with +13452. The phone number format for Cayman Islands is +1 345-2XX-XXXX.

You can use these phone numbers to compare them with a phone number that your received from someone in Cayman Islands.In this way, you can ensure that the number is valid and from Cayman Islands.

Generate random phone numbers for Cayman Islands and use them to test your validations or show them as an example for users. The users will know how they should type their phone number.For example, if you require the number for a landline in Cayman Islands and the user enters his local number without the prefix 13452 and he doesn't specify area code, then you don't knowif the number is correct.