Check IMEI Number

Get IMEI Information

The IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifiers. This code uniquely identifies all mobile devices connected to the cellulars networks. The most populardevices that are identified using the serial number are telephones. Still, there are other gadgets that use IMEis like wearable devices and tablets.

The IMEI number has 15 digits and is divided into four parts:

  1. The TAC number, which stands for Type Allocation Code, is the identifier for phone manufacturers.
  2. The FAC number, which stands for Final Assembly Code, is not used anymore. Before 2002, the phone used this code. After 2004, the TAC number increase to eight digits long.
  3. The SNR or the serial number is used to identify a unit from the model.
  4. The check digit, which is calculated using the Luhn algorithm based on the other digits

This checker will ensure that your IMEI is valid and it will verify the check digit. Also, it will search in our database using the TAC number from the IMEI that you provided.If we found the entry, we will return the device model and the manufacturer. All devices are supported, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and iPhone.

Usually, you can find the serial number by typing *#06#. A screen will popup with the IMEI number.