Guatemala Phone Numbers

Fixed Lines

  • +502 7485 5958
  • +502 2230 7884
  • +502 6580 9874
  • +502 6864 9183
  • +502 7680 4976
  • +502 6677 5756
  • +502 2625 9415
  • +502 6286 6012
  • +502 2307 3417
  • +502 6535 5686

Mobile Lines

  • +502 3049 2957
  • +502 5254 6391
  • +502 4642 0672
  • +502 4703 6884
  • +502 3770 7386
  • +502 5315 3697
  • +502 3345 4201
  • +502 5283 9572
  • +502 3741 1343
  • +502 5305 3468
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Telephone numbers of Guatemala

The Guatemala phone country code is +502. This is the equivalent of 00502 because the plus sign is translated to two zeros.The calling code is used to reach international phone numbers. Each country or area has different prefixes.

The Guatemala phone number format is +502 XXXX XXXX.

These numbers are fake, but they pass any validation. You can use them to stay anonymous on the internet. You can sign up on different sites without revealing your real phone number.

There are multiple ways to use this Guatemala phone generator:

  1. You can use these mobile numbers in videos or tv shows. In this way, you will avoid using real phone numbers.
  2. Think of a person who will not leave you alone if you do not give him his phone number. You can give him a fake number that looks like a real number and that person will not bother you.
  3. You can use this generator to provide telephone numbers example to your users. Think of a registration form where you require the phone number. Show the expected phone number type by example.

Every country has different types of phone numbers: Mobile numbers, fixed lines, pager numbers, shortcode telephone numbers, toll-free numbers or premium ones. The phone generator tool givesyou fixed lines and mobile numbers for Guatemala. The landlines are based on the area code.

If you need more numbers, refresh the page, and you will receive another list of phones.

Phone Carriers in Guatemala

Carrier NameCalling CodeFull Prefix
Comcel Mobile231+502231
Comcel Mobile2324+5022324
Comcel Mobile2326+5022326
Comcel Mobile2327+5022327
Comcel Mobile2328+5022328
Comcel Mobile2329+5022329
Comcel Mobile2428+5022428
Comcel Mobile2429+5022429
Comcel Mobile30+50230
Comcel Mobile310+502310
Comcel Mobile311+502311
Comcel Mobile3120+5023120
Comcel Mobile3121+5023121
Comcel Mobile3122+5023122
Comcel Mobile3123+5023123
Comcel Mobile3124+5023124
Comcel Mobile3125+5023125
Comcel Mobile3126+5023126
Comcel Mobile3127+5023127
Comcel Mobile3128+5023128
Comcel Mobile4476+5024476
Comcel Mobile4477+5024477
Comcel Mobile4478+5024478
Comcel Mobile4479+5024479
Comcel Mobile448+502448
Comcel Mobile449+502449
Comcel Mobile45+50245
Comcel Mobile46+50246
Comcel Mobile470+502470
Comcel Mobile471+502471
Comcel Mobile472+502472
Comcel Mobile473+502473
Comcel Mobile474+502474
Comcel Mobile475+502475
Comcel Mobile476+502476
Comcel Mobile4773+5024773
Comcel Mobile4774+5024774
Comcel Mobile4775+5024775
Comcel Mobile4776+5024776
Comcel Mobile4777+5024777
Comcel Mobile4778+5024778
Comcel Mobile4779+5024779
Comcel Mobile478+502478
Comcel Mobile479+502479
Comcel Mobile480+502480
Comcel Mobile481+502481
Comcel Mobile4822+5024822
Comcel Mobile4823+5024823
Comcel Mobile4824+5024824
Comcel Mobile4825+5024825
Comcel Mobile4826+5024826
Comcel Mobile4827+5024827
Comcel Mobile4828+5024828
Comcel Mobile4829+5024829
Comcel Mobile483+502483
Comcel Mobile484+502484
Comcel Mobile485+502485
Comcel Mobile486+502486
Comcel Mobile487+502487
Comcel Mobile488+502488
Comcel Mobile489+502489
Comcel Mobile49+50249

Emergency Number in Guatemala

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