New Caledonia Phone Numbers

Fixed Lines

  • +687 46.26.33
  • +687 31.91.58
  • +687 44.99.75
  • +687 30.39.67
  • +687 47.47.46
  • +687 31.33.71
  • +687 35.55.76
  • +687 28.24.56
  • +687 88.74.74
  • +687 34.60.29

Mobile Lines

  • +687 94.12.98
  • +687 84.03.26
  • +687 51.56.77
  • +687 51.24.37
  • +687 74.29.22
  • +687 80.20.18
  • +687 70.14.51
  • +687 85.67.15
  • +687 52.92.63
  • +687 82.50.71
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Telephone numbers of New Caledonia

The New Caledonia phone country code is +687. This is the equivalent of 00687 because the plus sign is translated to two zeros.The calling code is used to reach international phone numbers. Each country or area has different prefixes.

The New Caledonia phone number format is +687 XX.XX.XX.

These numbers are fake, but they pass any validation. You can use them to stay anonymous on the internet. You can sign up on different sites without revealing your real phone number.

There are multiple ways to use this New Caledonia phone generator:

  1. You can use these mobile numbers in videos or tv shows. In this way, you will avoid using real phone numbers.
  2. Think of a person who will not leave you alone if you do not give him his phone number. You can give him a fake number that looks like a real number and that person will not bother you.
  3. You can use this generator to provide telephone numbers example to your users. Think of a registration form where you require the phone number. Show the expected phone number type by example.

Every country has different types of phone numbers: Mobile numbers, fixed lines, pager numbers, shortcode telephone numbers, toll-free numbers or premium ones. The phone generator tool givesyou fixed lines and mobile numbers for New Caledonia. The landlines are based on the area code.

If you need more numbers, refresh the page, and you will receive another list of phones.

Phone Carriers in New Caledonia

Carrier NameCalling CodeFull Prefix

Emergency Number in New Caledonia

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